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How It Works?

1 Select Services

We at Journeydeal help our customers and travellers find the best deal on flight fares. You can save a good amount of money by making bookings through our website Journeydeal.in.

The options available for becoming a member are divided in 2 parts. If you are a normal customer you can enroll for Member and if you are a travel agency you can opt for Travel Agency option while registering on Journeydeal.in website.

We have special deals for both the category of people and discounts and deals are available according to the scenario of the business modal. If you are a travel agency or tour operator and need to invest in making flight bookings. You can buy any membership package from flights option which allows you to purchase bulk tickets in advance.

  1. Buy Flight tickets in bulk and sell to your customers.
  2. Use the benifit of Membership option to Decrease the flight fare,
  3. Get discount on the amount you invest in purchasing the tickets.

2 Make Booking

Benifits to Direct Customers

It has been observed that at last minute the flight fare is increased.If you are a regular traveler to a specific sector by flight and need to purchase tickets on regular basis on one sector in that case you can get get cheaper airfare from our portal. We provide option by which you can get best deals as compared to online flight fares.

  1. Choose a membership option while making flight ticket booking.
  2. Enroll for our special newsletter for regular updates on flight fares.
  3. Check regulary or raise a request for your flight sector for which you require special fares.

3  Get Confirm and Enjoy

Round Trip Flight Fares

If you need to make flight bookings to Leasure sectors and need special fares for same. Opt for our round trip flight fares from were you can get Special deals available for various sectors. You can choose for the popular destination which you would like to travel and Make your flight ticket booking according to your convenience.

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